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Welcome to Krav Maga Southend

Want to learn to protect yourself, your family, your friends, gain confidence and get fit?

Our society is in an epidemic of violence & crime, with knife threats on the rise together with rape, muggings and home invasions. There has never been a better time to learn how to protect yourself and loved ones.

Krav Maga Southend is a friendly community of passionate people from all walks of life, who together forge lasting friendships while learning to efficiently protect themselves.

We leave egos at the door, train hard and welcome all levels.

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Craig Wood - Head Instructor

Hey guys, I'm the Head Instructor at Krav Maga Southend

I pride myself on building a genuinely friendly and supportive community, with lasting friendships forged. Ego and bravado does not exist and is absolutely not tolerated.

KMS provides authentic KMS and applicable self-defense, whether your intention is self protectio or you are looking for a great way to get fit we cater for all.

What is Krav Maga?

If you're visiting this website, then you obviously have an interest in self-defense or looking to start a martial arts.

Whatever the reason, it boils down to be able to confidently protect yourself.

Krav Maga is not a Martial Art, it is a 'Fighting System' originating from Israel directly translating to Contact (maga) Combat (krav).

This is where Krav Maga stands out from the traditional methods, it's entire existence and design is based around reality.

There is no element of competitiveness or sport in Krav Maga. Originally developed from the streets during the war, Imi Lichtenfeld developed a system to help his Jewish Community protect themselves against brutal nazi-forces.

This is precisely where Krav Maga gets it's brutal, raw, aggressive techniques from - the need to immobolise an opponent until they are no longer a threat.

Usually with a kick to the groin.

What is Krav Maga Southend?

KMS is more than just another Krav Maga school, but a practical all-round self-defense curiculum.

We are the only association accredited by the NFPS in the South-East of Essex.

Your safety is our main priority; if it doesn't work, we don't teach it. We do not sugar coat anything and we try to replicate reality as close as we can in a safe environment.

KMS doesn't just focus on 'fighting', it's surviving. We cover everything from mindset, avoidance, first aid basics, boxing and as a last resort the defense techniques.

What makes KMS different?

We're a family, everyone genuinely wants to help eachother and there is absolutely no ego. It's not tolerated in the slightest.

Each lesson is fairly unique and diverse. Typically a session focuses around key fitness, combatives (punching & kicking) and a key-skill technique which will include testing under pressure. A key-skill could be anything from dealing with chokes, punches to stabs and even gun defense.

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Without trying something and seeing first a class first-hand for yourself it's hard to discover whether it's right for you, without having to empty the wallet and committ!

We completely understand this and that's why we provide a FREE taster week, at the start of every month.

Come down, train and see what we're about without having to spend a penny or commit to an introduction course!

Simply follow the link below, select your date and bring your EventBrite ticket with you...

If you enjoy it and catch the 'Krav Bug' (we're sure you will) you can then sign-up to our introduction course to become a full KMS member.

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Access our FREE Saftey Tips for getting home safe...

KMS have put together a selection of saftey tips you can employ to ensure you get home safe whatever the method is from walking to driving.

In todays society, with ever increasing crime and decreasing policing it's never been more important to be self aware of your self protection.

Self Protection starts with avoidance!

We break down some of the most common subtle mistakes people make and what you can do to ensure you do not fall prey to a criminal.

What do our members say?


I've been a member for almost 5 years and in that time learnt a ton of stuff. Not just physical techniques but pyschological and emotional aspects from dealing with threats to being generally aware.


I love it, it's made me really fit & I feel alot safer, especially at night as I work evenings. Craig is a great instructor and brings realism into every training session.


Love KMS and KMS forever for me, not just a training session but a family to me. Great coach, great people, great environment - love it!

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