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I've been a member for almost 5 years and in that time learnt a ton of stuff. Not just physical techniques but pyschological and emotional aspects from dealing with threats to being generally aware.


I love it, it's made me really fit & I feel alot safer, especially at night as I work evenings. Craig is a great instructor and brings realism into every training session.


Love KMS and KMS forever for me, not just a training session but a family to me. Great coach, great people, great environment - love it!


Started krav at 48 in 6years it has given me strength, fitness and above all confidence.it has made me more aware of my surrounding .the class is practical in self defense not to technical like other styles . class is a friendly bunch of students and are willing to help new comers during the session


Learn how to defend yourself, get fit, meet new friends. All in a safe environment under the expert tuition of instructor Craig. Come along, you’ll enjoy it!

Richard D

Learning Krav Maga at KMS is an excellent way to improve your real world self defence capability. Craig’s credentials in combat training are exemplary and he teams the requisite discipline with an affability and approachability that make training effective and enjoyable. I have been training at KMS for 3 years and the skills and fitness obtained in that time have been extremely beneficial in numerous ways. Highly recommended!


Not only is it an excellent workout, but there is a rationale for every drill we do and it is all tied together by situations we could potentially find ourselves into. The knowledge I have acquired in these classes is invaluable and highly applicable to real life. There is a positive and friendly atmosphere to the classes and I have always been made to feel welcome. I highly recommend Craig's classes.

Jason Porter

I have been attending Craig's Saturday class for a little over a year now. Having never tried any martial art or self-defence before, I was concerned what to expect, but quickly found the instructors and members to be very welcoming and down to earth. The skills and knowledge you pick up from these classes are invaluable, making you more self-aware to your surroundings along with improving your all overall fitness. Learning defences against unarmed and armed attacks, creates varied and enjoyable sessions, along with a great feeling of achievement knowing that you have learnt something new whilst exercising.


Having not done any exercise in about 10 years, the warm up alone was a shock to the system. It is a great atmosphere at the sessions, Craig is an excellent instructor, explains everything as a group and then comes around to you and your partner to help you further. It's a loud high energy group and the training is for real world senarios, highly recommend coming and sticking with it.

Rory Cunningham

Craig is a professional experienced instructor and his ability to describe and demonstrate technique and principles as well as scenarios for use ensures students leave the class feeling confident in what they have learnt. A key component to training is Fitness and since starting my fitness levels have increased drastically with the work we have done in class. All in all I would thoroughly recommend Krav Maga Southend for making friends, increasing personal awareness and safety, and improving fitness levels.

Mike Reddan

I have been part of the Southend Krav Maga family for 3 years now. It’s a great way to maintain a good level of fitness, whilst learning important key skills and knowing when to apply them, also obtaining a good knowledge of self-defence.


I have enjoyed krav since my first session just over a year ago.I am 40+ years old and had never liked contact sports.I could not strike,kick,push up or skip before.My fitness level was quite poor looking back.Thanks to a good class camaraderie that I am sure stems from an excellent tutor,and a good practical no nonsense approach to self defence,I am improving and am able to enjoy the health benefits it brings. Thank you krav,Craig and my helpful class mates!

John Morris

I have been training with Craig for around 5 years now and I'm always learning and improving my Krav practice. Craig keeps up with the latest ideas and teaching relating to Krav development, self and situational awareness with the aim of protecting ourselves and our loved one's in the unfortunate event that we are in some way threatened and have to rely on ourselves to solve the situation and get home safely.

I would recommend Krav Maga Southend to everyone, why wouldn't you want to keep yourself safe.

Gatien Ross

Krav is a great way to keep fit that’s interesting and useful too, I always feel great after & the next day after physically pushing myself to the max.


Krav maga Southend is not your ordinary fitness class, nor is it an ordinary self defence class, KMS is so much more than that. KMS has given me a definite clarity to my life, a new found confidence within myself and given me tools to defend myself that I can use in a worst case scenario. Krav maga isn't about being the swinging dick; but the guy whom is aware of their surroundings and capable of making that split second decision that will ultimately save your life. Craig is one of the nicest and friendliest tutors out there. Firm when he needs to be, pushes us to our extremes but then the reward is that endorphin rush afterwards. Join KMS today, you simply won't regret it.

Darren Hutson

Krav Maga Southend is a friendly, welcoming club. I have so much confidence and self-awareness learning from Craig and the other instructors. 100% Krav Maga with 0% ego. If you are a new member or a ten year veteran like myself we all muck in together and simply learn how to defend ourselves. The social events are always a laugh

Ian Lamb

Craig’s class is exactly what is wanted. When I started, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a total novice, physically very weak, I’d never thrown a punch in my life, and I was pretty sure I didn’t have the mind-set to deal with a sudden threat. That’s all changed since signing up and I’m getting better in each class. I got what I wanted and much more. If you’re thinking of trying a lesson, do it. If you’re unsure, this is my take. Classes are really well planned and structured. Each session will include techniques, principles and some physical training to put it to use. You’ll find the techniques practical and real. Physically, I couldn’t do more than a few press-ups – now I’m touching thirty a time which feels like a huge achievement. You’ll get better, and Craig will make you want to get better. It’s mixed ability, both physically and technically, so all you need to do is start – just start. The club has absolute beginners to actual living weapons, mixed classes and all ages. You won’t be out your depth, even on day 1. Craig always helps, is always approachable, and always improves you, so ask him. He’ll give you the time. He knows his subject inside-out, and he knows how to communicate it. The other classmates also share their knowledge (they have a lot) and always help bring you on. Beyond the techniques, you’ll learn how to keep focussed and stay aware under the stress of a threat - it’s the mind-set that you might value most of all. And you’ll have a laugh along the way. Best thing I’ve done in ages. Big thanks to Craig and the club he’s built.

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