Essential Tips to getting home safe this winter

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  • Get Home Safe
  • Deter 'wouldbe' perpetrators
  • Use your environment to your advantage
  • Protect loved ones
  • Be completely aware of your surroundings
  • Make your commute more enjoyable
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Avoid being a victim & prey to street crime...

A message from Head Instructor at KMS

- Craig Wood

Hi, I'm Craig Wood founder of Krav Maga Southend School. I've been involved in the self-defense industry for over 10 years and have always had a combative experience throughout my younger years through various boxing gyms and had my fair share of real-life encounters myself.

I've put together some Essential Tips that I believe are often overlooked, but paramount to ensuring you are not a victim or fall prey to crime.

Crime is forever on the rise and it's never been more important to be as vigilant as ever.

Unfortunately many people are wrapped up and absorbed in their own little world, they often ignore the outside world around them and often the obvious tell tale signs of danger.

These subtle traits are what criminals pick up and feed from - by avoiding them, you'll be avoiding being a target.

I recently read a story of a young male who was apprehended by 4 youths on his way home from Leigh-on-sea Station. After reading the details of the situation, it could have been easily avoided and if anything, his body language and actions unfortunately most likely brought this attack on.

Let me ask you a few questions...

- How safe and confident do you feel walking home in the dark?

- Are you aware of the energy and signals you are giving off?

- Are you completely & honestly aware of your surroundings

- Are you engrossed in your Mobile Phone while walking home?

- Are you listening to music when walking or out jogging?

- How prepared are you with dealing with a situation

- Are you aware of the subtle signals you put out

If you haven't confidently answered any of the above questions, I strongly urge you to take a look at our Safety Tips.

It may just be the most important thing you've done this year...

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